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I’m so glad you’ve landed on this page and are curious about working with me. There’s 2 ways which you can work with me – workshops and one-on-one sessions of which I offer a limited number each month. During these sessions I work intuitively to help you work through any blocks or strain (mental and physical) which you may be experiencing. I pick up on energy very easily and drawing on my 14 years experience of energy healing, I am able to re-tune your body and re-wire your thought processes. 

Sessions last 60 minutes and take place online. Once you book in, you will be sent details of how to log in to our session, plus a quick questionnaire.

By the end of your 60 minute session, you will –

  • have balanced your Chakras (energy centres within your body)
  • have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of your Star Sign and Life Path Number
  • have a clear path to follow for the year
  • have a clear insight into where you have previously been unbalanced and know how to change this
  • have learnt techniques which you can use to help keep balance and invite more of the good stuff into your life
  • feel grounded and excited for what’s ahead


I have worked with hundreds of women and adhere to a strong ethical code and the upmost confidentiality.  You can read more about myself and my qualifications here

 If you have any questions (no matter how small) please free to drop me an email.



I was skeptical that I wouldn’t have time to try another ‘therapy’ but I have found that this is something I can do quickly and easily.  It doesn’t take much of my time and it’s super effective. I found Sophie to be very thorough in explaining what will happen and this helped me see the benefits.I think this is a great skill to have and it serves both business and personal and I feel calmer and more centred.
Michelle Lloyd

Founder of United ArtSpace, UK

I would absolutely recommend you to others! Your knowledge is incredible and you’re so friendly, kind and easy to talk to. The Balance Procedure is so easy to learn and, whilst it’s still early days, I think it may really help me. I’ve certainly felt more centred when I remember to use it.
Sally Graddon

Mindset & Empowerment Coach

The Balance Procedure helped to bring focus to things that maybe weren’t as in sync as I would have liked them to be. It definitely allowed me to focus on what wasn’t in balance and gave me a few surprises, but also explained a lot when we looked into the meaning behind each imbalance.Sophie makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and I would absolutely recommend booking in – it’s such an interesting therapy and can help clarify and direct you in the right way.
Jennifer Cowdrey

Jen’s Complementary Therapies & Jen’s Animal Massage and Manipulation

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