10 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Herbal Tea Every Day

Hello! Today I want to talk to you about the magical benefits of herbal tea and why I love it so. Last year, during a nasty bout of flu, I gave up caffeine. Before this I was an avid coffee drinker – it would be my first drink of the day and I believed I couldn’t function without a cup going cold on my desk. Walking around town I would pick one up from Costa, and I’d have a travel mug steaming away in the car. Man, I loved the stuff! Tea, I could give or take, but coffee was what kept me going some days.

During my bout of flu, although I could barely eat, I poured myself a mug from the cafetiere and the smell knocked me for six and turned my stomach. And that was the end of my love affair with coffee.

I’ve always loved the occasional herbal tea, but never really thought too much about them – I’d pick up the odd box in the supermarket, but it was Russian roulette as to the flavour being any good, and they’d get shoved to the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Last summer I discovered a lovely little shop in Essex which sold loose tea, scooping and weighing it out of huge kilner jars like penny sweets. The smell, the colours, the weird and wonderful combinations – I was hooked! Drinking dried herbs and flowers started to give me the energy hit I was missing (but in a milder way) and the tastes were just divine! I invested in a teapot which brewed your loose tea in a little net in the top, but for it to work, I would need to brew an entire pot which was inconvenient if I just fancied a quick cup.


teatime tea sachet



I then discovered Teatime bags, which have really changed my tea drinking habits. They are caffeine, chemical and perfume free, and each bag can you used up to 6 times.

The bag’s design is so nifty as it pulls out and hooks over your cup, so there’s no need to be fishing anthing out with a spoon!

I tried the selection box which included –

  •  Four Beauty (whole rose buds, osmanthus flowers, jasmine, goji berries and chrysthameums)
  •  Jasmine Pearl Zen (jasmine pearl green tea and whole jasmine flowers)
  •  Revitazest (lemongrass, clementine zest and dried ginger)
  •  Berry Berry Brainy (dried blueberries, goji berries and silver needle tea)
  •  Tummy Tonic (mint, fennel seeds and senna leaf)
  •  Popcorn Pep (roasted rice grains and gyokoro green tea)
  •  Lemmune Super Boost (lemon grass, goji berries and silver needle tea)
  •  Iron Brew (tie guan yin leaf, red honey dates and dried ginseng)

Inside the bag you can see the ingredients which look so natural and unprocessed – you know there’s nothing but good stuff going into your body!




When I started drinking premium blends, it really got me thinking about what I’m actually putting in to my body and how herbal tea can have so many benefits, so here’s 10 ways that drinking herbal tea is amazing stuff!

1. It makes your skin glow (look for blends such as Four Beauty which contains flowers and herbs which benefit your skin.)

2. It helps prevent bloating and trapped wind (look for blends with peppermint, such as Tummy Tonic)

3. It can help stop nausea – ginger tea was my go-to drink during my first trimester when I suffered from morning sickness!

4. You can lighten your hair with it – rinising your hair with chamomile tea in the summer months will bring out blonde highlights!

5. You can reduce blood pressure by drinking hibiscus tea.

6. Add it to your bath! Bathing in herbal tea allows the goodness to soak in – try rose or dandelion to detox and rebalance.

7. It can help ease menstrual cramps (try cinnamon blends.)

8. Use an infusion such as chamonile and dandelion to steam your face – simply add the herbs to a bowl of boiling water, cover your head with a towel and inhale for 5-10 miutes. Also brilliant if you have a cold!

9. You can then use cooled tea on your face as a toner by wiping it over your skin with a cotton wool pad.

10. Give any leftover tea to your plants! This is something which my mum told me and it really does make your plants grow beautifully!

So there you go, herbal tea has so many benefits for your insides, skin, hair and even house plants! I really recommend the Teatime selection box, which if you use the code TEATIME16 you will receive 25% your order!

Let me know your favourite teas – I love checking out new blends!

All my love,

Sophie xx



ps. I was given a box of Teatime tea to review but I really do love the stuff and I would only recommend products which I’d give to a friend

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