Simple ideas to naturally boost your energy this winter



Hello! It’s mid December, which here in the Northern Hemisphere means cold, damp and darkness. Everything seems like it’s grinding to a halt, and the dead is falling away.

I first started suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in my teenage years. As soon as the nights started to draw in, my body would retreat into itself and I would want to hibernate. Putting it down to teenager-ess, I just got on with it, but simply dreaded the weekend when the clocks when back, as that would be my benchmark to feeling, quite frankly, like shit.

Over the years I have managed to control my SAD so much better by using this actionable tips, so I really hope they will help you too –


It may be a complete contradiction to what your mind is telling you, and I know curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and the latest issue of Vogue is much more tempting than walking in the wind and rain, but reconnecting with nature can give you that boost which you are craving.

Want to take it up a notch? Exercise out there! Grab your trainers and go for a run or a bike ride. Getting those endorphins pumping will make you feel so much better.



Meditating and working with your light source will fill you up within minutes. Try visualising your body bathed in a golden light, cascading down from above your head to over your feet. This will align your chakras (your body’s energy centres) which will allow your body to flow with ease, even if it’s feeling cranky from the cold.




Starting your day off with a good breakfast was key for me. I like to soak organic oats overnight in coconut milk, adding dried or fresh fruit, chia and pumpkin seeds. In the morning it’s there ready to heat up, so within 2 minutes I have a wonderfully creamy, warm bowl of goodness to get me started. Even my 7 year old will devour a bowl before school!

Cutting down on caffeine also helps the cycle of tiredness – coffee hit – slump – reach for more coffee – slump. Try swapping your second coffee for a herbal tea (I’ve written an article all about the magic of herbal tea here!)



Even if you feel like imitating a bear in a cave this winter, make the most of it! Rather than slumping around catching up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which just isn’t going to benefit your mental health in any shape or form, treat yourself to a few books from your Amazon wishlist, pick up a paintbrush or try your hand at poetry. Run deep bubbly baths, light candles and spend those dark winter evenings cocooned in your growth.


Everything in this Universe is cyclic. The moon has cycles, the seasons change and our female bodies are very much in tune with these shifts. Winter is about nurturing, renewing and resting, and we need to respect  and work with that. So ditch the guilt that you’d rather stock up on bath bombs in Lush than checking out the hot new bar in town.


How do you like to spend your winter evenings? Let me know in the comments below or tag me @sophiewhiffen on Instagram.

All my love,

Sophie xx

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