How to use a gratitude journal to create an incredible life




Earlier this year, in conjunction with over-throwing my entire life, I started a new non-negotiable practice of writing a gratitude diary.

Being a huge believer in The Law of Attraction (which you can read about here) I wanted to start upping my manifesting game, and knew gratitude would bring me up a notch.

Every night I would get into bed and take out my notebook from my bedside drawer. I’d close my eyes and recollect my day, committing myself to distinguish 3 things which I was grateful for, why I was grateful for them and how it made me feel.

Some nights it was easy – I’d had a wonderful day with my family, or I’d bought something I’d had my eye on for ages or I’d had fun with my beautiful friends. I could easily pinpoint why I was grateful for them and the joy I felt.

Some nights were much, much harder. Things had not gone to plan, I was ill or I’d lost my temper. But what this taught me was I needed to find the hidden joy in every situation. What good came from when I argued with my husband? How could I be grateful for that? What did it teach me? I soon came to realise that most of my anger and frustration came from love.

I’d get pissed off if my son didn’t eat the nutritious dinner I cooked because I love him and his health is important to me. How could I express it in a different way rather than huff, puff and threaten him with no pudding? I was annoyed with my husband for getting annoyed with me and my inability to tidy my desk. What did it teach me? That I get defensive when my weaknesses are pointed out to me, and actually I probably should be tidier as it may up my productiveness and heck, it’s his space too.

Regardless of how hard it sometimes was to flip the situation around, I’d do it every night without fail. It got easier as time went on, and I even found myself looking forward to bed time when I could write all down. During the day I’d conciously note what I was going to include and it became a game.




Very soon after I started my gratitude diary, things just started to get better. The good times started to multiply and I couldn’t really have a bad day. Because I was concentrating on the good stuff, I was being rewarded with more goodness. I started making a game of it – one day my son gave me the most delicious kiss (he’s not much of a kissy kind of kid, so it was very unexpected.) I wrote how much I loved the kiss and what started happening? More kisses. Flipping hundreds of them – he became like a kissing machine! So I thought I’d test this further. I stopped thanking for the kissing. You’ve guessed it – no more kisses for me! So as soon as I got my next one, I showed gratitude and yep, they started again!

Gratitude is such a powerful feeling and so much fun to play with. I invite you to give it a go for a week and see what changes you see in your life. Or do you write a gratitude diary already? Let me know in the comments below!

All my love,

Sophie xx

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