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Hello! Today I’m going to carry on talking about the Law of Attraction and manifesting to give you some actionable tips as to what you can do to start creating anything you want (yes really!) If you’ve not read part one of this post, I suggest you hop over here to take a look and come back with a cup of tea.

So in my last post we talked about what the Law of Attraction and manifesting is, how everything we desire is there waiting for us and how we need to raise our vibes to start receiving it. Sound good so far?

One point I want to make sooper dooper clear is that you need to be sooper dooper clear with your intentions, because the Law of Attraction works in a very specific way. I’ll give you an example – you want a new car. You need to drill down on the make, the colour, the year, the number plate, what the interior looks like, the smell, is it petrol or diesel, what the steering wheel feels like, what can you hear, and most importantly how do you feel (more about that later!) Because if you announce to the Universe that you’d love a new car, it can’t actually pin point what you want. The Law of Attraction will just attract cars willy nilly! You may start seeing cars more often on the TV, in magazines or your kids may draw you a picture of a car but it’s not an actual car you can go cruising in, is it? So take time to daydream and explore what you actually want.




This is a funny notion which may feel weird to do, but trust me, it works. So when you decide what it is you actually want, you need to thank the Universe for it as if it has already happened. So using the car example, in order for it to enter my reality, I would give thanks for the beautiful (enter specifics here) car which I adore and I’m so grateful for. You can light a candle, meditate or if you’re out and about, just say it under your breath. Remember, it’s the intention that matters. 

Last October it was my husband’s birthday and we decided to take an impromptu road trip to Glastonbury. Now my husband is pretty open to things but only with a little encouragement, so I thought we’d play a game while zooming down the motorway (yes I really do get my kicks out of getting my husband to play along!) I suggested (ok, insisted) he thanked the Universe for something he was going to see that weekend, and make sure it was really random because I wanted to test if he was a manifesting machine or not (I’d love him either way, but hey, this was fun!) So he gave thanks for the owl he had seen (because remember, you say it as if it has already happened.) Getting more and more specific, because to be fair, Glastonbury is full of New Age shops and you’re going to see pictures of owls blinking everywhere, he narrowed it down to a beautiful barn owl which would swoop over the car that night.

Shit. A flying barn owl? Argh, why couldn’t he just choose something easy and win this game! My doubts crept in, but his didn’t. He was so unattached to the outcome with the mindset of well if it happens it happens, if not it’s just an owl and life will go on and he forgot about it for the rest of the day. I, on the other hand, was cheering the Universe on like I had placed a bet at the races – “Come on girl, don’t let me down!” I hate being proved wrong, especially by my husband.

After a day out climbing the Tor and visiting Chalice Well, we grabbed a pizza and made our way back to the little, cosy pub we’d booked in for the night in a nearby village. It was starting to turn dark and driving through unlit winding, country roads, who graced us with their presence? Only Mr. Swoopy Barn Owl flying over our Fiat 500. The Universe never lets you down.




This is a huge mistake that people make when manifesting using vision boards. I see them all the time – boards filled with the latest Mulberry, Louboutins and exotic island paradises. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those things, but what is often bypassed is the feeling those things are going to give you. Maybe carrying a designer bag or wearing expensive shoes will make you feel more confident, and is it relaxation, adventure and freedom you’re after from your week away in the Maldives?

By imagining those feelings within us, we are naturally aligning ourselves to the Vortex and it’s one step closer to receiving everything in there. The Law of Attraction will work by attracting those feelings and the products will be the bypass of them.




Hopefully by now you have realised that to receive the good stuff, you actually need to do a bit of hard graft. You need to show the Universe that you are ready (and this makes it soooo much easier to accept when things don’t go your way. You’re just not there yet.) Anyhow, I’ll give you an example of what I mean. Say you’ve always had, what you’ve dubbed, a crazy dream. It’s stocking your own brand of silk scarves in Liberty. Although you love silk scarves, you have no experience of textile design or business knowledge. So you take action. You go to Saturday school at your local college to learn batik, immerse yourself in the fashion department in Waterstones. Go to Liberty and touch the scarves. Talk to the sales staff, even imagine they are selling your scarves. Go to local women in business groups and surround yourself with others who get you. Start creating. Set up an Etsy shop and sell at a Sunday market. Get in touch with magazines who could showcase your designs. The list goes on and on, but you see by taking action, by joining the dots, you can create anything you wish as the Universe will conspire to help you.

This is exactly what happened to me when I retrained as a Complementary Therapist with a dream of working with big clients in the city, which is a very competitive niche. If you have read my previous post, I was due to train for 3 years part time at a college in Bournemouth. Everything was set up, I had paid, got my uniform and books and I couldn’t wait to start. Cue meeting my husband. I transfer to a full time college in Cambridge where I start the very next week. I set up a clinic in the very place I dreamed of. Then I want to work at festivals because it sounded like fun. So I do. My work gets picked up by a national newspaper who feature me in a wellness guide. An HR executive reads said guide on a Saturday morning in a coffee shop. Monday morning they call me and I have a regular gig at a bluechip company. People talk and I get more companies on my books. It’s a cliche, but being at the right place at the right time is the Universe’s way of pushing you along.




These incredible dreams we have for ourselves can be pretty scary can’t they? I mean, to go from where you are now, to where you want to be can be sooooo wide apart that you just don’t know how you’ll ever get there. Sometimes when we take action we realise that actually, what we thought we wanted isn’t what we want at all, and thank goodness we were on the journey and are able to jump off the train a few stops early!

This is why the Universe may take it’s time in allowing you into the Vortex. What if I was given those bluechip contracts earlier on in my career? I may have just concentrated on that and not had the crazy adventures of driving around the country and massaging celebrities. I may have burnt out, or become despondent because I soon realised that although the money was ace, I had a calling to specialise in Fertility Reflexology. I would have written a completely different story for myself.

Just remember you’re the driver of the train and you can change tracks any time you want!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the post and would love to hear about anything weird and wonderful which has happened in your world by leaving a comment below. Over the weeks I’ll be delving into specific techniques which you can use to manifest your socks off, so sign up for updates!

All my love,

Sophie xx

ps. I have created a beautiful e-course which you are able to download now!


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