Create A Morning Routine Which Will Get You Jumping Out Of Bed (Even If You Want To Hide Under The Covers!)



Hello! Now before you get scared off by the title of this post, I want to make it totally clear that this is a total transformation for me! I’m writing this to encourage and inspire you to make just a couple of tweaks in the morning to really get to geared up for the day ahead. Rewind a few years ago and my morning routine consisted of waking up when my son did (usually ridiculously early) grab a coffee or 3, not eat much and feel totally disorganised and crazy! Rewind 15 years ago and add 3 cigarettes in the equation. Yes, really.




I realised I was running on empty by not nourishing my body properly, and flooding it with caffeine by the gallon! Looking back, I was snappy and always felt like I was chasing my tail, especially weekday mornings when I needed to get my son ready for school and myself ready for work. I’d literally run around like a headless chicken and fear the post-coffee slump mid morning!

Something had to give, so slowly but surely I’d change my morning routine into something which would prepare me for the day ahead. Here’s a lowdown of what I now do, and some tips to get you started!




Before I head to bed I always write a list of the jobs I want/need to accomplish the next day. These can be personal things like get the laundry done or book a hair appointment. I then have a separate list for work (this is usually never-ending so I don’t put too much on so I don’t feel overwhelmed!)

I also prepare breakfast for the next day. During the week we have porridge, so I soak oats, seeds (usually chia, sunflower and pumpkin) and either dried fruit (or add fresh fruit the next day) in coconut milk. In the morning I just need to heat it up and we’re good to go!




I set my alarm at least an hour before my son typically wakes up (he’s a good sleeper but usually needs dragging out of bed before school!) The first thing I do is practice gratitude, and by that I thank the Universe (could be whomever you believe to be the divine force) for the amazing day I am about to have. I also think of 5 things which I am really thankful for (you can read more about gratitude here.) Some mornings I’ll listen to a guided meditation in bed, while others I’ll get straight up.




I started oil pulling this year and if I’m totally honest, it’s not something I enjoyed at first. You place a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes (this is how long it takes for the blood to circulate around the body.) This Ayurvedic treatment claims to pull toxins from the body, improving gut and oral health. After 20 minutes, spit the oil out into some tissue (not down the sink as it’ll block it!) and brush and floss as normal.

Oil pulling works! My oral health as improved dramatically and I feel so cleansed in the morning, it’s unreal. 20 mins can feel like a long time when you get started, so build it up from a couple of minutes. I oil pull while I’m preparing packed lunches, getting dressed and making smoothies so I don’t even think about it!




After I’ve brushed my teeth and am dressed, I make myself a lemon cleanse. Into a pint glass I squeeze a whole lemon, a pinch of salt, chopped ginger and top up with a mixture of hot and cold water. I had to work up to a whole lemon (which is very zingy to say the least) so I recommend starting off with a quarter and see how you go. Organic sea salt (or Himalayan salt) is added to help with absorption, so your body is hydrated quicker. Again, I had to work up to adding the salt as it can taste a bit, you know, salty!




Once I’m dressed I’ll back down and practice some yoga. And by some I mean 20-30 minutes, not a whole class worth. I love watchingΒ Yoga With Adriene on YouTube who has some gentle, yet powerful, morning yoga routines. At this point my son my be getting up, so he’ll grab a book and wait or try and join in (by which I mean climb under my downward dog!)

Practicing yoga in the morning allows me to set an intention for the day, awakens my body and gives it a really good stretch.




As breakfast is already made, I’ll serve it up with a smoothie (usually berries, spinach/kale, banana and nut milk. For myself I add pea protein.) While my son is eating, I’ll go and shower and get dressed for the day. I’ll also brew up some herbal tea (benefits of which you can read about here.)

When I come down to eat I will switch on my phone. Any sooner and I find I’m sucked into social media and a) won’t get anything done and b) feel affected by other’s emotions.




After breakfast it’s time to go (obviously my son is dressed, washed and ready) Β feeling great!


To some my morning routine seems like a million miles from theirs, while to others it may show so many signs for improvement. As I have mentioned before, I have had to work up to this and there are mornings where I will have a glorious lay in, breakfast in bed and daytime TV on in the bedroom….because everything in moderation, right?!


All my love,

Sophie xx



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