Review of Leonie Dawson's shining year life & biz workbooks
shining year workbook


Hello! Today I want to share with you the very wonderful Shining Life & Biz Planner Bundle by Leonie Dawson.

I came across Leonie many years ago, and having heard so much about these planners from her raving fans, I thought I’d give them a go. Not having much luck scouring the  internet for decent photos of inside the books, I thought I’d take some to share with you!

Leonie is an artist, business woman and philanthropist and strives to empower women to create the best life and business they can. She is wild, wacky and has the biggest heart and this is why I love her, and all that she does.

It is so important to sit down regularly to dream, question yourself, set goals and review them, and these books are simply perfect for that. So let’s have a look!

shining year workbook

So when you buy the bundle, you really do get a tonne of goodness (like literally – the package weighed about 2 kilos!)

Inside you get a 2017 Shining Year Goals Diary Planner, 2017 My Shining Year Biz Workbook, 2017 My Shining Year Life Workbook, 2 x wall planners and My Shining Day notepad.

shining year workbook


shining year workbook

The 2017 Shining Year Goals Diary Planner has been categorised into months, with each month containing –

  • a month overview page (fab for see the whole month at a glance)
  • a check-in page to claim your goals
  • a financial planner
  • a blank goal planner page
  • a dreaming/doodling page (this is PERFECT for manifesting!)

Each week is then split up over 2 pages, giving space to plot and plan your days. As there are no time slots, it’s better as a planner than an appointment diary (I use my Passion Planner for that.) I think it’s perfect as a business or blog scheduler, and that’s what I’ll be using mine for.

The part I love most are the questions which are asked at the beginning of every week –

  • I want to feel…
  • I am so grateful for…
  • I want to receive…
  • I want to give myself…

This is totally aligning yourself with the Universe to allow goodness and abundance in to your life. Love it!

shining year workbook
shining year workbook
shining year workbook
shining year workbook
shining year workbook

Emergerhd the stickers!!!!

shining year workbook

Handy little stash page at the back.

shining year workbook


Next up is My Shiny Day notepad. This is just gorgeous! So nice that I don’t want to write on it (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here.)

Reminding you of all the important things we must do during the day – learn, connect, meditate, make and create and move, as well as drinking lots of water. Not a “check Facebook, eat a doughnut and watch Judge Rinder” in sight.

If you’re like me and write things down on lists, with the sole intention that I can then cross them straight off, you’re going to love this!

shining year workbook
shining year workbook
shining year workbook


Sweet jesus, this is huge! I don’t have a wide angled lense for my camera, so I’m unable to display it in it’s full glory, but take my word for it – it’s awesome!

Using the same prompting questions as in the Shining Year Goals Diary Planner, they complement eachother beautifully.

Now I need to find wallspace big enough!

shining year workbook
shining year workbook


I think out of all the books, this is the one I was most curious about. To start, unlike the Shining Year Goals Diary Planner, this is A4 size so not really one to cart around in your handbag!

There is a wonderful section in the front about how and why you should be using the book, following on to a review of 2016. Here you get to celebrate and release the year, creating space for wonderful new experiences to flow in.

Following this, the book has been split in to different sections –

  • my shining creativity
  • my shining soul
  • my shining mind
  • my shining relationships
  • my shining family
  • my shining body
  • my shining house
  • my shining travel and adventures
  • my shining finances
  • my shining community
  • my shining self-care
  • my shining support

Jeez, that’s a lot, right?

Leonie doesn’t let you escape any part of your life which you’re sweeping under the carpet. Crap finances? Deal with it! No support? Go find some!

What I love about this approach is it’s really making you take control of every facet of your life, from your marriage to your holidays.

shining year workbook
inside of the shining year workbook
inside of the shining year workbook
inside of the shining year workbook
inside of the shining year workbook


So here we’ve got the same format as My Shining Year Life Edition Workbook. Again it features a celebration and closing ceremony of 2016 (it’s been such a rollercoaster, I’m actually glad to do it twice!) and is sectioned into these headers –

  • my shining finances
  • my shining team
  • my shining support
  • my shining systems
  • my shining boundaries and balance
  • my shining education
  • my shining customers
  • my shining marketing
  • my shining world

Yet again, Leonie leaves no stone unturned. You have to deal with each part of your business for it to flourish. Leonie turns over 7 figures annually so you know what? I’m going to do what she tells me!

shining year biz workbook
inside the shining year biz workbook
inside the shining year biz workbook
inside the shining year biz workbook
inside the shining year biz workbook
inside the shining year biz workbook
inside the shining year biz workbook
shining year life and biz bundle review


If I’m totally honest with you, I was apprehensive buying these as Leonie’s artwork is very niche, and as beautiful as it is, it’s not my usual style. But what I soon realised was each book was reminiscent of the diaries I used to write as a child, and that was so warm and comforting that I started to fall in love with the little watercolour women popping up on each page. The very fact I get to play with stickers in MY diary (rather than a Spiderman stickerbook)  is unashamedly fabulous!

As I mentioned, Leonie is a fiercely successful businesswoman and philathropist who donates thousands of these books to needy causes every year, so is she not only empowering you to create a life and business worthy of it’s own Pinterest board, but with every purchase, you’re helping others to do the same.

When you purchase the bundle, you will receive 2 wall planners (one for home, one for your office or gift one to a friend) PLUS all the workbooks in paper AND in digital format. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck!

You are able to purchase the set for $64.95 by visiting the site here.

I’d love to hear if you already use these Shining Year Workbooks and Planner and what results you have receieved? I will update this time next year with my results!

All my love,

Sophie xx

ps. the links to Leonie’s site are affiliate links, which mean I get a small percentage if you do choose to buy. I’d never recommend anything which I don’t genuinely love, and I love these very much!

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