What happened when I went to Rebecca Campbell's Rise Sister Rise event
rebecca campbell rise sister rise


Hello! Last week I had a very strange experience. I had my eye on Rebecca Campbell’s Rise Sister Rise event in London since the summer. Even though I had pencilled it into my diary, I hadn’t bought a ticket. Early last week, I noticed that the wonderful charity, Future Dreams (who you can check out here) were running a giveaway of two tickets. I entered, I told my husband I’d be in London that weekend and I waited for the confirmation, which if course I received a couple of days later (I’m not dubbed the Manifestation Queen for nothing!)

If you haven’t come across Rebecca Campbell before, I sincerely suggest you do! Her two books Light Is The New Black, and Rise Sister Rise are absolute gamechangers. Sharing her story of going from marketing mogul to lightworker and author, she is paving the way for a nation of women to do the same. Written with empathy and feminine fierceness, she understands the plight that many of us have of coming out of our “spiritual closet”

The Rise Sister Rise event was based upon her second book – a celebration of womanhood, shedding the binding cocoons 2016, and entering 2017 full of courage.

Held at The Swiss Church in the centre of Covent Garden, the venue was the perfect space – light, airy and ceilings so high, they seemed almost unbreakable.

the swiss church london
the swiss church london

Walking in to the venue, we were greeted by the most beautiful, heart warming sight of an altar dressed in flowers, quartz, pictures of guardians and deity, oils, rose petals and other bits and bobs Rebecca had chosen to keep the space clear and supportive (including a cuddly whale from Tenerife.)

Around the altar were the most gorgeous pink roses and candles, making the area so feminine and warm. Having the visual connection to nature was so grounding.

rebecca campbell rise sister rise
rebecca campbell roses
rebecca campbell event
rebecca campbell roses
goddess altar
goddess altar

The day opened with a chakra balancing practice where meditation and chanting were used. Working upwards, our chants were getting louder and louder – 125 women roaring to clear their throat chakras is some frigging sound!


goddess altar
angel bowl

I loved this bowl so much!

joan of arc

Kyle Gray’s Joan of Arc card on the altar reminding us to strive for our truth (you can see more of his cards here.)

candles on altar
roses on altar
goddess altar

Throughout the day we split into partners and asked each other soul bearing questions. You could hear everyone shifting in their seats when Rebecca explained the plan (me included!) but we had brought ourselves there for a reason, and well, we just got on with it.

Using guided meditations and breathing techniques, layers upon layers were peeled away that day. Tears we didn’t know we had, rolled out. No one cared. Women sobbed. Expletives screamed. We connected with our daughters, our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, our lineage of women going back generations. We cried for them, sang for them and danced for them. Yes, we danced on church alters to Sia, stone cold sober and not giving a toss what anyone thought of us beyond those four walls. Yes at first it was more of a school disco-esque shuffle, but by the end of the day we were throwing shapes like no one’s business. The whole time, Rebecca holding the sacred space, guiding us through what I can only describe as an initiation into our womanhoods (which sounds pretty crazy when I’m in my mid 30s!)

Connections were made with absolute strangers that I didn’t know was possible. It reminded me how important it is to be around people who just get it. Get you. As cliche as it sounds, afterwards we all had the same look in our eye. A knowing that nothing would be the same again. The power you can generate from a legion of women not just coming out, but smashing their Pax wardrobe of spirituality is electric, and definitely one not to be missed!

Rebecca Campbell is holding more events which you can check out here.

Have you read Rise Sister Rise? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

All my love,

Sophie xx

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