The safest essential oils to use during your pregnancy (and which you need to avoid!)
the safest essential oils to use in pregnancy (and which to avoid!)

One of the most common questions asked by my pregnancy clients at my clinic in Cambridge, is which are the best essential oils to use to de-stress and unwind during their pregnancies (and which ones should they avoid) so I’ve come up with a handy guide.

It’s advised to only use essential oils during the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy, as your baby is more developed and your body more able to cope with added chemicals (whether good or bad!)

When buying oils, it is important that you buy ones derived from quality, organic sources. I love Neals Yard and Tisserand, and have been using these brands for years

It’s safest not to use oils undiluted on your skin, but my favourite ways of using essential oils during pregnancy are –

  • Creating an atmospheric essence, by burning or diffusing the oils, enveloping you in a calming air
  • Mixing a 5-6 drops of oil to a small glass of milk and swirling it into your bath water, allows your entire body to soak in the benefits.
  • Creating your own massage oil is a fast way to relax, especially if applied to your temples.

When beginning to use essential oils, it’s advised to only use one oil at a time and use your instinct – which ever oil calls to you, use it! This may not be your obvious choice, but it’s a way of your body telling you exactly what it needs.

Lavender Oil

This is the Queen of the relaxation oils. Love it or hate it, it really is nature’s valium and will relax your nervous system quickly and efficiently. It is one of the safest oils, and is often used with babies and children (please do lower the amount.)

Chamomile Oil

This sweet scent is the perfect partner to lavender. They really do go hand in hand. To soothe swollen feet, I suggest adding a few drops of both oils into a footbath and soak for at least 20 minutes. Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory nature will help your body to relax and reduce swelling.

Geranium Oil

This was my absolute personal favourite throughout my pregnancy. Helping to balance hormones, uplift your mood and alleviate anxiety. The fresh, floral fragrance is perfect for long, indulgent soaks in the bath.

Mandarin Oil

Another one of the safest and easiest oils to use, Mandarin’s sunny, citrus scent promotes happiness and energy. Anti-spasmodic, it helps relieve any respiratory discomfort, or pains in the stomach due to trapped wind.

Neroli Oil

Neroli is a wonderful tonic, promoting all over good health, boosting your immune system and relieving feelings of anxiety. It is also a powerful muscle relaxant, perfect for pregnancy aches and pains.

These are just 5 of my favourite essential oils to use in pregnancy, but there are many more. As a side note, I would like to point out that these are proven as safe oils to use in your pregnancy, but there are many which are not. You can download your free printable guide below!

As with any doubts during your pregnancy, do contact your medical practitioner if you are unsure if something is safe to use.

Wishing you the healthiest of your pregnancies!

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