50 self care ideas which can be done in 20 minutes or less (and are completely free!)

50 Self Care Ideas Which Can Be Done In 20 Minutes Or Less (and are competely free!)


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Hello! I write a lot about self care, and the importance of looking after yourself for both your physical and mental health. Being a mum, you’re programmed to put your children first, and carving any time out for yourself can be tinged with guilt. I’ve been there.

Here are 50 ideas of self care which you can practice in 20 minutes or less and are completely free! That’s swapping 20 minutes of t.v in the evening, scrolling through Facebook aimlessly or while your littley is napping to something which is going to make you feel amazing! Some of these self care ideas can even be done on the bus.


1. Create a feel-good playlist on Spotify and listen to it

2. Dance like no one is watching

3. Write down what’s on your mind in a journal

4. Enjoy a warm bubble bath

5. Sit quietly and drink some herbal tea (I have some fab suggestions here)

6. Watch a motivational Ted Talk on YouTube

7. Listen to a podcast (check out my favourites here)

8. Take a brisk walk in the fresh air

9. Burn a candle and meditateΒ 

10. Start a gratitude jar (see here for instructions)

11. Create a vision board

12. Put on a facemask (if you don’t have one mix up oats and honey – tastes good too!)

13. Sing your favourite songs

14. Pick up a good book and read

15. Take a nap

16. Sit in a coffee shop and people watch

17. Phone your best friend for a chat

18. Write a love letter to yourself (you need to be reminded how fab you are!)

19. Practice yoga

20. Write a poem (it doesn’t even have to rhyme!)

21. Do some colouring in (my favourite colouring book is here)

22. Go to an art gallery and soak in the culture

23. Dream about your next holiday

24. De-clutter the drawer of doom (we all have one!)

25. Oxygenate your body by breathing deeply

26. Burn some essential oils (lemon is my favourite for feeling uplifted)

27. Massage your feet

28. Deep condition your hair

29. Paint a picture

30. Create some affirmations and say them (if you’re stuck, get some inspiration here)

31. Walk in the woods and connect with the trees

32. Make a nourishing green smoothie (I love pineapple, spinach, banana, kiwi and cashew milk)

33. Put on some bright lipstick

34. Clear out your wardrobe and donate the items to charity

35. Create something with your hands – knit, crochet or model something with clay

36. Chant (check out YouTube for how-to videos)

37. Put on an item of clothing that makes you feel incredible

38. Pull out some angel cards and ask your guides for help (these are my favourites)

39. Put clean sheets on your bed

40. Say no to the things you don’t have to do

41. Read inspirational quotes on Pinterest (you can follow my board here)

42. Give something a cuddle – a pet or a pillow will do!

43. Lay on the ground with your arms next to you, letting the earth support you

44. Cloud watch

45. Doodle

46. Bake a cake and eat it

47. Tell someone what they mean to you

48. Plant some seeds in the garden

49. Wrap yourself in a blanket and daydream

50. Write yourself a letter of forgiveness


Do you have anything you particularly like to do? Let me know in the comments below!

All my love,


Sophie xx

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