Read what happened when I took my non-vegan family to VeganLife Live
What happened when I took my non-vegan family to VeganLife Live


Hello! If you’ve been checking out my Instagram stories recently, you’ll know that I am taking part in Veganuary, a nationwide initiative of becoming vegan for the month of January. My family has been vegetarian for over a year (my 7 year old since birth, but that’s a whole other story!) and I’ve toyed with the idea of veganism for years. For me, 2017 is all about challenging myself and discovering new things, so I thought what the heck, let’s give it a go!

VeganLife Live is a 2 day event in London, which showcases vegan brands, products, hosts talks and shows movies on veganism. My inital plan was I’d go alone – although my son and husband are always up for a day out, walking around a vegan show wasn’t really their idea of fun. But then I read there was a bar (with vegan beer of course!) and bands, and well, next thing you know we’re all in the car trundling down to Alexandra Palace.

Arriving at the venue, it didn’t take us long to get through the queue. Once we were through, we were invited to fill our goodie bags with the freebies from boxes which were laid out on the table. There were so many lovely things to take home and try, including Sacla pesto and Vita Coco coconut oil (in little sachets which are perfect for travel!)

Walking around the trade stalls at VeganLife Live, we were able to try so many different foods from small brands which you may not have heard of such as Clive’s Pies and Concious Chocolate (my husband’s and son’s favourite’s respectively.) We actually tried SO much food over the morning, that when it came to lunchtime, we shared a vegan doner kebab from What The Pitta (who we’d both been dreaming about since discovering them last month, which you can read about here.) And of course my husband had a vegan beer to wash his kebab down (which apparently is really tasty.)

Each stall had special deals for the weekend, so you could pick up some amazing bargains. We ended up buying so much food to take home, including the most incredible peanut butter from ManiLife (we bought a kilo and the rate we’re going at it, it’ll last a week – trust me when I say it’s seriously good!) I also picked up some vegan mayonnaise by Plamil (I’m a mayo addict and this stuff tastes like the real thing) and protein bars from Perkier. We eat tons of bars in our house and these were the best we’d ever tasted. Like seriously. It was so nice to “try before you buy” and definitely got us buying more than we planned!

Although I was slightly reluctant to take my son, he had a brilliant day out (5 days on and he’s still talking about it!) He got to experience so many new things that day – drinking birch sap, cactus water and discovering black powdered toothpaste, as well as all the delicious food (and by that I mean chocolate.) Stalls were very accomodating to children, and although it was very busy, there were plenty of places to sit down and relax for 5 mins




  • go on an empty stomach – there is so much food to try!
  • if you see something you want, buy it there and then (we made the mistake of going back to Clive’s Pies and they’d sold out)
  • expect to shop – there are so many great deals which are worth snapping up on the day, so take extra cash as some stalls didn’t accept cards
  • if you’re visiting with kids, get there early – we arrived at 10.30am and it was busy, but not as packed as it was at 2pm – the queue for the ice cream van was loooong
  • if you want to get a goodie bag, go there first – by the time we left at 3pm, there was little left for new visitors
  • take a non-vegan friend! My boys were so impressed by the variation and quality that they may have muttered that veganism isn’t that bad – a major achievement!


It’s not too late to take part in Veganuary (try it, even if it’s for a week) and you can sign up for free here. They’ll email you lots of tips and recipes – it’s fab!

If you’re taking part in Veganuary or thinking of trying it, let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

All my love,

Sophie xx

ps. hang out with me on Instagram so you never miss my stories!



*I was kindly given free tickets to VeganLife Live but totally loved it and would recommend it to anyone who is vegan curious


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