WORK WITH ME • Sophie Whiffen

You’re feeling stuck, indecisive or downright lost. 

You’re still waiting for your prince to arrive, your in a job you despise or maybe you feel like you’ve lost your identity amoung the storms motherhood?

I’m here to help you make sense of where you are, what to do and where you’ve been and where you are going. Helping you to define what you want to create, who you want to be and what your soul’s calling is. I’m not here to tell you what to do, only what your guides want you to know.




What to expect –

  • We open with a guided meditation, grounding you and opening your energy and allowing you to connect fully
  • Sessions are intuitive and tailored to your needs. This means that we may use a mix of oracle cards, as well as pulling tools from my magic bag of tricks from my 14 years experience 
  • Digging deep into any area of your life which you feel ready to change, we will ask for guidance from our guides
  • We will close the session with a mediation and a clear intention of moving forward
  • You will leave feeling empowered, stronger and equipped with tools and support given to you by your guides. 

This session is an hour either face to face at my clinic in Cambridge, UK (please contact me for availability) or over Skype. These sessions are completely personalised to you and 100% confidential.





These quick card pulls are perfect for those burning questions which you just can’t make a decision on.

What to expect –

  • Come armed with a question and we will ask for guidance from our guides via oracle cards
  • You will feel lighter, clearer and most definitely more decisive!

This session is 20 minutes either over Skype or the reading emailed to you (please allow 72 hours for this.) These sessions are completely personalised to you and 100% confidential.


Working with Sophie was an eye-opening experience.

Prior to working with her I was having a lot of questions regarding my business and where it would be headed. I was very confused on the direction I should move in and what my next step should be.

Sophie is very intuitive and was able to answer all the questions I threw her way and was able to give me peace of mind along with some guidance.

I would recommend anyone in need of some intuitive guidance to work with her. Latha Swatsworth

Mindset Strategist

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